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About Sayed Ahmed Shaikh Bafageeh

Passionate, poetic and progressive, Sayed Ahmed Shaikh Bafageeh, A ‘transformational Personality’ known for delivering results, he is an embodiment of courage, conviction and compassion.
Born on October 15, 1965 into a humble family in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Sayed Ahmed has lived his life by the principles of a Human being or ‘serving the humanity’.

A powerful dreamer, Sayed Ahmed compliments vision with the remarkable ability of implementing the same. His approach balances the importance of big and small; leveraging on Tourism

A man of, for and by the principles, Sayed Ahmed commands respect, love and trust across the human. Through his impeccable track record in Umrah, Sayed Ahmed has been honored SIX consecutive years by Waytoumrah (Arabian Service Group) and awarded by Ministry of Hajj – Makkah.

Al Sayed Ahmed Shaikh Bafageeh:
Chairman of the Board
(Al Hasimy International Group)

Vice Chairman and Managing Director
(Shaa’ier Tour Development Inc.)